Thigh Lift

Thighplasty (Thigh Lift)

Who is a good candidate for thighplasty (thigh lift)?

Despite the best efforts at exercise and dieting, the thigh area remains a challenge for many women. Redundant skin of the inner thighs after weight loss, and excess fat in the inner thighs can lead to problems of rubbing and chafing as well as a significant decrease in the overall aesthetic appearance of this area of her body. Many women are extremely self-conscious about this and wish there was a way to correct it.

A thighplasty or thigh lift utilizes surgery to remove that excess tissue and recontour the woman’s thighs to a more natural and feminine shape. The best candidates for this procedure are women who of lost significant amounts of weight or have engaged in diet and exercise to the point where they can no longer affect change in their body through this route.

How is the recovery after thighplasty (thigh lift)?

Patients typically go home after several hours in the recovery room. After the dressings are removed you may shower in 48 hours. Patients typically experience mild to moderate pain and soreness which is easily controlled by mild pain medications. This generally subsides after 48 to 96 hours. Swelling is to be expected and typically increases for the first several days after which it rapidly dissipates. Also expected is a modicum of bruising which goes away over the same course of time. If drains were required for your procedure, these are removed in approximately 7 days.