Why us

Quality of surgery incorporated with expertise of professionals and cost effectiveness makes us distinguished from others. It’s always difficult to choose right plastic surgeon but we being group of trusted Doctors are there to take care of YOU and the problem of secondary infections and risks associated with surgery in Pakistan is minimized.

There are many other reasons to come to us for Plastic Surgery:

1. Cost Effectiveness

We are providing almost same level of facilities and expertise as provided in USA, UK and other developed countries but in Pakistan the total expenditures incurred on these procedures are much less due to very low value of Pak Rupee as compared to the currencies of the developed world.

2. Quality of Surgery

Exceptional training standards together with the best and latest equipment ensure that quality of surgery is comparable with best standards of the world.

  3. Comfort

Patients are accommodated in well furnished and luxurious rooms equipped with every modern facility.

  4. Privacy 

Privacy is insured so as patients feel comfortable to come to us and trust us for their problems to get resolved.

  5. Secondary Infection Control

Our spotlessly clean environment and theatres have no significant problems of secondary infections and cases of MRSA are non-existent.