Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty

Eyelid Surgery / Blepharoplasty

The eyes have commonly been referred to as “the windows to the soul”. They convey one’s deepest feelings and emotions.

The eyes are considered the most expressive features on the face. However, the eyes are often one of the first facial features to show signs of aging and therefore may be transmitting the wrong signal to the world.

Rejuvenation of the upper face has many forms. Blepharoplasty treats aging eyelids. Browlift treats low or sagging eyebrows. The eyebrows should arch above the corner of the eye. If this is not the case, you may require a browlift instead of or in addition to eyelid surgery. BotoxTM is also very useful for aging brows that show furrows, lines and can even treat drooping brows.

What are we treating? Blepharoplasty treats a “tired look;” reducing excess eyelid skin and bags. Browlift treats an “angry or sad appearance.”

Why the intervention? 
Blepharoplasty (or of eyelids surgery) is an intervention that eliminates the excesses of skin or fat in the eyelids that give to the glance and, therefore the person, a tired or sad aspect.

The first consultation 
In Sensual Body Dream during the first consultation the surgeon analyzes the conditions of the patient which is the best way to correct the defect.

The surgeon will recommend the best solution with respect to the intervention to be made and the best form to perform it. He will also answer all the questions that you have and tell the reasonable expectations that you can have regarding the final result.

The anesthesia usually is local, under totally relaxed and insensible sedation, in which the patient is wide-awake during the intervention, but without any pain.

The local anesthesia with sedation is used of increasing form since it is less harmful, anywhere in the world safer and much more provides a comfortable recovery for the patient than general anesthesia.

Duration of the operation 
Half an hour for 2 / One hour for the 4

How long is the patient hospitalized?
The blepharoplasty can be done as an outpatient procedure requiring no hospitalization.


The recovery is very fast and the postoperative one as a whole is tolerated easily, since the annoyances caused by the intervention are not important.

Most of patients can make its normal tasks after two or three days. Even so, the surgeon will recommend not making activities that require physical effort during the first week after the operation. Also, is not advisable to have sun exposure in the first postoperative month. The stitches are retired around the fourth or fifth day after the procedure.

What about the scars? 
The scar in the lower eyelid is placed the line of the eyelashes, practically imperceptible, if it is acceded by conjunctival approach does not left any scar. In the superior eyelid the incision is hidden in the fold when opening the eye.

Any side effects? 
This intervention does not present/display almost any probability of side effects, since the eye is not affected. Therefore, the vision is altered not even in the following days to the intervention. In the postoperative period hematoma and bruising can appear as long as a dryness sensation that disappears in a few days.

The results of the operation are immediately evident, as much the excess of skin as of fat they are eliminated completely, that is to say, no longer returns to the tired and sad look previous to the operation.