Face lift & neck lift


What is a necklift?


The necklift is a procedure designed to give better definition to the neck line, lessen wrinkling, and diminish unsightly ‘banding’ in the neck. We find it to be an extremely versatile procedure in that it can help people showing the earliest signs of ageing as well as senior patients who want to improve their appearance with a relatively minor procedure.


Who benefits most from the neck lift procedure?

A younger patient with good skin tone who has some fatty tissue under the chin and on the neck might be better served with liposuction. A patient who has lost a lot of weight and has sagging skin or ‘bands’ in his neck will have a very good result from this procedure. Older patients who don’t want a radical change in their facial appearance but are bothered by the appearance of the neck are also excellent candidates.

A patient who has a small chin in addition to some fatty tissue or hanging skin will appear like he/she ‘has no chin’. A neck lift in combination with a chin implant will dramatically improve not only the neckline, but also the overall appearance of the face. Patients in the mid thirties and older who notice some ‘bands’ (these are the edges of the platysma neck muscle), or folds of skin on the neck are candidates for a ‘mini-necklift’ with minimal incisions. In combination with a lower facelift, the necklift also creates an excellent jaw line contour.

Face lift & neck lift